​By Mary H Moreira Holt
Bem Vindo a Pastry Brasil
Brigadeiros and more! Come and explore our flavors of Brazil!
Pastry Brasil
          Pastry Brasil specialty are Brigadeiros, Cheese Bread and Chocottone but we have many other products to offer and give you a little taste of our extraordinary brazilian culinary.
          Our Chocottone was the second place in King Arthur Flour Contest at Mariposa Fair in 2016.
           Our Brigadeiro have been a sucess in the Wine trails on Central Valley.

We are here to bring Brazilian flavor to California Central Valley Pastry Brasil is an Innovation in catering, party favors and gifts providing the famous Brazilian chocolate  candy Brigadeiro (Brigadier) and others desserts and snacks from Brazil.
  1. I have tasted many of these delicious pastries and desserts - in fact Mary catered the desserts at our Christmas Open House in 2015.
    Junette Pitts
  2. Absolutely amazing food!!
    Tasha Coleman
  3. Amazing foods and deserts omg she was my first introduction to Brazilian cuisine and I not only fell in love with the food she won my heart.
    Greg Holt
  4. I have tried a variety of the different pastries and confections offered - Oh so good!!